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With Yuniter, ingredients are more than just features – they’re the core elements that drive businesses to thrive in your dynamic landscape. Explore each ingredient’s unique benefits and discover how they combine to create a holistic solution tailor-made for your success.

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Product Features

Intuitive UI
Yuniter offers a simple, intuitive interface which enables you to effortlessly combine Ingredients to design a smooth data flow matching your requirements; a concoction we refer to as a "Recipe".
Actionable Insights
Gain valuable insights into your marketing campaigns and improve your ROI. Yuniter’s data-driven insights allow you to monitor your key performance indicators, identify trends and patterns, and optimize your marketing campaigns for maximum impact.
Ready Made Ingredients
With Yuniter, you can effortlessly build custom data pipelines using our ready-made data composable building blocks called “Ingredients” – no coding required! Our user-friendly interface allows you to mix and match the right Ingredients, creating a seamless data workflow tailored to your specific needs; we call it a “Recipe”.
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Use Cases & Segments


Marketing operations spend endless hours manually handling data export and spreadsheets. These data complexities leave marketers struggling in trying to analyze, make informed decisions and gain a real understanding of how their marketing campaigns are performing.


Agencies working with multiple large customers spend endless hours on handling manual error prone data exports and spreadsheets. Yuniter composable marketing automation building blocks will allow marketing operations to reduce manual process by 80%.

Integrations? We have you covered

With a selection of over 50 composable building blocks, you can seamlessly integrate data from various marketing and sales platforms, as well as social media and web analytics, into reporting, analytics and sheets-based tools.

Streamline your data workflows


Unlock the Cutting Edge

Yuniter prides itself in not just offering unique solutions, but taking what’s walled behind a requirement of deploying open-source code, and overhauling these frameworks into fully managed services.


Complete Composability

Seamlessly blend your existing systems and tools with Yuniter’s offerings much more easily that you would expect. Our unified ecosystem takes composability from development & engineering worlds, and puts it into the hands of Marketers and Analysts.


Support from Experts

Your journey with Yuniter is backed by our team of experts who are here to guide you through implementation, answer your questions, and ensure you’re getting the value that you should be from the Yuniter platform.

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